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Geneva. 20 Politics edit In the 2007 federal election the most popular party was the SP which received.87 of the vote. Of this area,.81 km2 (0.31 sq mi).0 is used for agricultural purposes, while.18 km2 (0.069 sq mi).7 is forested. Vowel) premier premier (m. 5 The Bronze Age settlements were abandoned and the region was sparsely inhabited until the Gallo-Roman era when a villa and farms were built. 6 Early Modern Morges edit Morges harbor The city and castle were plundered in 1475 and again in 1530.

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Swiss Confederation troops devastated it in 1530 and again in 1536. 9 Of the built up area, industrial buildings made.4 of the total area while housing and buildings made.5 and transportation infrastructure made.5. The chapel was on the Lausanne side of the ramparts and the unattached bell tower adjoined the city gate and served as part of the city defenses. Workshops developed in the southern half of the city, around the harbor and the marketplace. Plural) petites premier (m.s.) premier premier (f.s.) première premier (m. The new church was built in a French classicism style between 176976 and is one of the masterpieces of Reformed architecture in Switzerland. Yannick Weber, Nashville Predators Defenceman Nikola Vuević, Montenegrin basketball player of Orlando Magic in the NBA, born in Morges in 1990 Patrick Moraz, Swiss keyboardist, former keyboardist with Yes and The Moody Blues, was born in Morges. The religious institutions and their related educational institutions and parish houses as well as a hospital and the college were in the northern half of the town near the church. In 1514 the old councils were replaced with a twelve-member council and a twenty-four-member council. This project aims to create 30,000 jobs by 2020. German name, morsee though that name is no longer used. 10 The municipality is the capital of the district. 14 Of the population in the municipality 3,030 or about.4 were born in Morges and lived there in 2000. 13 Transport edit BAM local train at Morges in 2007 Morges has a railway station served by trains of the Swiss Federal Railways and the BièreApplesMorges railway (BAM a Metre-gauge railway.

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It was known by its. A b Swiss Federal Statistical Office-Land Use Statistics 2009 data (in German) accessed omenklaturen Amtliches Gemeindeverzeichnis der Schweiz (in German) accessed Flags of the m accessed 11-July-2011 a b Swiss Federal Statistical Office - Superweb database - Gemeinde Statistics (in German) accessed b. Prior to its construction, public meetings were held in the church, the hospital or in a hostel. There were also 37 students who were home schooled or attended another non-traditional school. 24 During the school year, the political district provided pre-school care for a total of 631 children of which 203 children (32.2) received subsidized pre-school care. Since 2007, the municipality has been part of the agglomeration of Lausanne-Morges project. Religion edit From the 2000 census, 5,439.4 belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church, while 4,925.8 were Roman Catholic, Of the rest of the population, there were 201 members of an Orthodox church (or about.42 of the population there were nine. There were 680 single room apartments and 941 apartments with five or more rooms.

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In 1574 the Collège de Couvaloup, which was inspired by the academies of Geneva, Lausanne and Bern, opened in Morges. It remained occupied through the Late Bronze Age. 18 The De La Croix Blanche Inn, the buildings at Grand-Rue 54 and Grand-Rue 94, Morges poitrine sexe davos Castle along with the Military Museum of Vaud, the City Hall, the Bronze Age shore front settlement Les Roseaux/La Grande Cité and the Temple are listed as Swiss heritage. A town charter was granted in 1293. The largest and best known, Grande-Cité, was occupied in the late. Queen Anne of Romania, wife of the former king Michael I of Romania. 16 As of 2009, the construction rate of new housing units was.9 new units per 1000 residents. Plural) beaux beau (f. The new station for this line, on the western outskirts of the city, caused a surge of development outside the city walls. Plural) grandes petit (m.s.) petit petit (f.s.) petite petit (m. The city was ruled as a single fief, and the residents were taxed according to their frontage or the width of their property along the street.

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