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that Hades and her sister had met back in Oz and Zelena had been enticed by Hades to become a couple. In response, Regina tries to stop the Queen by imprisoning her in a mirror, but the plan backfires, and the Queen traps Regina and Emma into the mirror. After the Queen placed another sleeping curse on Snow and Charming, Regina tried to stop the Queen by imprisoning her in a mirror, but the plan backfired, and the Queen trapped Regina and Emma into the mirror. Henry Mills, the grandson of her nemesis Snow White.

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Regina gets Henry to write the Queen a new beginning and the author's pen sends her to the Wish Realm, where she re-introduces herself to Robin of Locksley, whom she had transported back to the realm before the battle with Regina. Back in Storybrooke, Regina was reunited with her son and Emma. After Cora restored the memories she stole from her daughters, Regina reconciled with her late mother and managed to redeem Zelena. When the heroes find out that Jekyll's direct death resulted in the death of Hyde as well, they come to the realization that the Queen can only die if Regina herself, as the original form, was killed. Terms of use, and to receive newsletters, account updates, offers sent by Flirt. Nominees for the 28th Annual Imagen Awards Announced Archived at the Wayback Machine. Over the next several years, Regina terrorized the kingdom, longing to find Snow and kill her once and for all. Over the years, Regina grew into a powerful sorceress, hardened by a thirst for revenge against Snow White. Murphy, Shaunna (November 13, 2011). As Denzel Washington Endowed Chair at Fordham University Lincoln Center I have had the privilege to work with remarkable students and staff.


Deep Throat Queen Swallows Huge BBC (comp).

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Busis, Hillary (February 13, 2012). Her plans for redemption were flouted when her mother Cora, whom she had thought dead at the hands of the pirate Captain Hook, returned. She convinced him to come back to Storybrooke with her to start a new life. As a powerful dark sorcerer, Hook waged war against the heroes. Season 5 Though their plans to save Emma began well, the eventual thought of losing Hook drove her to curse him with the Dark Ones powers to save his life. Season 4 Though initially angry at Emma, Regina eventually forgave her in time to help in the struggle against the Snow Queen. After the Queen managed to free herself from her cobra form, she used Robin as bait to lure Regina into a magical showdown, in which she used the Shears of Destiny to completely separate herself from Regina. Once Upon a Time' recap: Read Before You Sign". However, she had trouble with breaking the sleeping curse that Snow and Charming were put under and accidentally made things worse after testing out a new antidote. Mid-battle, Regina decided to not kill the Queen and instead gave the Queen some of her light and took back some of the darkness so the two halves could be balanced once again.

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"TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites Awards Winners Revealed! Regina originally sent her son to therapy sessions to reverse his belief in the curse. 2, over the next twenty-eight years, Regina ruled Storybrooke as its tyrannical mayor. Grief-sticken by Robins death, Regina and Emma prevented Rumplestiltskin from using Hadess power to gather all the magic and eventually helped in returning their friends and family to Storybrooke, after a portal had trapped them in the Land of Untold Stories. MyWOT Overall reputation Poor Trustworthiness Unsatisfactory Privacy Unsatisfactory Child safety Very poor Google Safe Browsing Website status Safe Status ok User reviews Reputation Unknown 0 positive 1 negative. Retrieved January 9, 2012. The Queen uses this moment to show Regina that it wasn't possible for one to completely separate themselves from their darkness. On a side note, Regina learned that Marian was actually her sister Zelena, pregnant with Robins child. My age: Please select your age, please select your age. Ultimately, Hades himself was destroyed by Zelena.

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The war which eventually ensued ended in the defeat of both Regina and her political ally King George. Vous trouverez également beaucoup de réponses à vos questions sur la FAQ (foire aux questions). Though this evil half retains all of Regina's experiences, the decisions that she has made moving forward are solely her own. The Queen then manipulates Regina into killing an innocent Edmond Dantes in order to save the Charmings, whom the Queen had lured leboncoup net regina onto the docks. With the threat of the Evil Queen gone, Regina went to work undoing most of the Queen's evil deeds. Regina became intrigued by this alternate version of Robin, known as Robin of Locksley, and felt like she might be able to get a second chance at their relationship. Jekyll's split serum to separate herself from the Evil Queen that she once was. You don't know what to expect from this site but that's how I found my man. 1, seeking to escape her mother, Regina sought out the sorcerer. Zelena then manages to get a hold of the Queen and when Robin of Locksley, the version of Robin from the Wish Realm, approaches her with a plan to leave town, Zelena attempts to cross the town line with the Queen as her "pet." The. E-monsite vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir dans la création de votre site et n'oubliez pas : sur E-monsite l'imagination est la seule limite! Bienvenue sur votre site! However, Henry consumed the curse instead. Returned to the Enchanted Forest, a redeemed Regina discovered newfound love in Robin Hood. Good luck to everyone! Last three days- October 11th-12th and 13th. He is really good for. She is portrayed. However, this was shadowed by the arrival of a new foe: Zelena, whom Regina discovered was her elder half-sister.

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