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Gebäudebestand, 2012 accessed wiss Federal Statistical Office stat-TAB Bevölkerungsentwicklung nach Region, Archived at the Wayback Machine. 3, the area around Steffisburg has been inhabited since the. The Zulg river provided power for a number of grain mills, saw mills, fulling mills and later gunpowder mills. 22 Heritage sites of national significance edit The Former Regie of Steffisburg is listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance. 923 (or about.43 of the population) belonged to no church, are agnostic or atheist, and 455 individuals (or about.17 of the population) did not answer the question. A total of 2,034 workers (42.9 of the 4,744 total workers in the municipality) both lived and worked in Steffisburg.

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Neolithic era and remained occupied during the. 25 The mayor (as of 2014) is Jürg Marti (SVP). A big thank you to France 2 (Télématin) for his very praise report on us this morning. Liga-Frauen des FC Steffisburg. Kyburgs, who made Steffisburg a fief for several different, ministerialis (unfree knights in the service of a feudal overlord) families. There are 122 people who speak French and 6 people who speak Romansh.


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9 The local and cantonal tax rate in Steffisburg is one of the lowest in the canton. 3 The town's parish church was first built in the late 7th or early 8th century. All the water in the municipality is flowing water. They had their own laws, which were first codified in 1405 and remained in effect until 1834. The secondary sector employs 1,834 people and there were 142 businesses in this sector. 23 Politics edit In the 2011 federal election the most popular party was the Swiss People's Party (SVP) which received.6 of the vote.

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27 During the 2012-13 school year, there were a total of 1,603 students attending classes in Steffisburg. The chart below shows the current distribution of seats of the community council (as of September 2014). There were 50 people who made between 15,000 and 20,000 per year. It is composed of 34 members and is elected by the voters every four years. 21 In 2011 a total.2 of the population received direct financial assistance from the government. The farmers raised crops on the valley floor and jerecuperemonex com steffisburg raised livestock in alpine meadows during the summer before bringing them down for the winter. It consists of the town of Steffisburg which is divided into the medieval old village and the Au, Schwäbis, Bernstrasse, Glockenthal, Hübeli, Flühli and Hardegg neighborhoods. The number of jobs in the primary sector was 98, of which 95 were in agriculture and 3 were in forestry or lumber production. The average income of the over 75,000 CHF group in Steffisburg was 115,452 CHF, while the average across all of Switzerland was 131,244 CHF. 14 The historical population is given in the following chart: 3 15 16 Economy edit Historic sawmill in Steffisburg. The town was located on the Bern-Thun road, which was expanded in the 19th century bringing additional business to the area. 19 For comparison, the average rate for the entire canton in 2011, was.2 and.0, while the nationwide average was.3 and.1 respectively. 3 Steffisburg has ten kindergartens, eight primary schools and two secondary schools in a single school district. (in German) accessed External links edit. Today, the Kleine Höchhus is one of the oldest buildings in the municipality. Following the lower Secondary students may attend additional schooling or they may enter an apprenticeship. There were 37 individuals who were Buddhist, 49 individuals who were Hindu and 20 individuals who belonged to another church. Facebook, see more of m on Facebook 35,565 people like this 34,802 people follow this, facebook 2018, un grand merci à France 2 (Telematin) pour son reportage très élogieux sur nous ce matin. Get Directions, steffisburg, Switzerland, frauenverein Steffisburg, facebook 2018. Jump to, press alt / to open this menu. In the federal election, a total of 5,925 votes were cast, and the voter turnout was.7.

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