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released; Pierre Laval remained in prison to be tried as a traitor. Profits varied, but during the seventeen years of his control, Laval earned some 39 million francs in income from the paper and the printing works combined. "I was never a very orthodox socialist he said in 1945, "by which I mean that I was never much of a Marxist. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on of Jaurès on ttered those hopes. Through this latest swing, Laval was excluded from the government of France for four years.

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Naud, who had been a member of the Resistance, believed Laval to be guilty and urged him to plead that he had made grave errors but had acted under constraint. Télécharger le mp3 (Clic-droit, «Enregistrer sous Consulter les versions textes de ce livre audio : Rencontre, Divorce. The concept of "collaboration" was written into the Armistice Convention, before Laval joined the government. The office of Minister of Supply is abolished. You will refuse to heed the insidious appeals, which will be addressed to you. Laval, Pierre (1947 Bourquin, Constant,., Laval Parle, Notes et Mémoires Rédigées par Pierre Laval dans sa cellule, avec une préface de sa fille et de Nombreux Documents Inédits Laval speaks: notes memories written in his cell, with a preface by his daughter and many.


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